P3R team / M. Destarac

The Precision Polymers by Radical Processes group’s research activity is centered on controlled radical polymerization using RAFT. We study the structure-reactivity relationships of new types of RAFT agent, and we have a strong focus on the synthesis and physical chemistry of RAFT polymers in the green solvents, water and supercritical CO2.

Our main research area concerns the synthesis of complex functional polymers of controlled architecture and microstructure (e.g. amphiphilic and double hydrophilic blocks, comb, and gradient copolymers) which possess targeted properties, such as adhesion, modification of rheological properties, and stabilization of emulsions or dispersions of inorganic particles and nanoparticles.
Many of our projects are supported by our industrial partners.

The team works on 3 main topics:

   Precision polymer development by RAFT

   Precision polymer in supercritical carbon dioxide

   Precision polymer for hybrid nanomaterials


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