IDeAS team / J.-D. Marty & N. Lauth de Viguerie

Smart materials based on self-assembled or nanostructured systems are the main focus of the Dynamic Interfaces and Stimuli-responsive Assemblies team.

We use polymers, nanoparticles or surfactants to design stimuli-responsive systems with applications in material science, nanomedecine and environmental science.
We characterize these assemblies at different length scales either under equilibrium or non-equilibrium conditions using a large panel of techniques such as optical, electronic and atomic force microscopies, or scattering techniques, rheology, thermal analysis, fluorescence, NMR etc...
The optimization of our materials is often performed through design of experiments, multivariate analysis or data modelling.

The team works on 3 main topics:

   Formation and characterization of stimuli-responsive soft matter

   Biology / Imaging

   Photoresponsive systems and reactivity


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