Photoresponsive systems and reactivity

As an externally-controlled stimulus, light has a special place in stimuli-responsive systems. Our team develops several topics where light is used to control reactivity, for environmental concern for instance or for optics applications.
Three examples of this research are described below:

Polymer self-assemblies in cancer phototherapy

Upon irradiation, the photosensitizer pheophorbide-a encapsulated in a copolymer nanocarrier causes dramatic morphological transitions in giant unilamellar lipid vesicles thorugh an endocytosis-like process.

>> Extended photo-induced endosome-like structures in Giant Vesicles promoted by block-copolymer nanocarriers
Montis C.; Till U.; Vicendo P.; Roux C.; Mingotaud A.-F.; Violleau F.; Demazeau M.; Berti D.; Lonetti B.
Nanoscale, 2018, 26, 1-8, DOI

>> Role of polymer micelles in the delivery of photodynamic therapy agent to liposomes and cells
Gibot L.; Demazeau M.; Pimienta V.; Mingotaud A.-F.; Collin F.; Martins Froment N.; Dejean S.; Nottelet B.; Roux C.; Lonetti B.
Cancers 2020, 12, 384, DOI


Azobenzene based photoresponsive complexes

A step by step fitting procedure has been developed, enabling the determination of all thermodynamic and photokinetic parameters of photoresponsive azobenzene@cyclodextrin complexes. The sequential methodology is applied in order to dissipate all uncertainties on the variability of the results and to develop a relevant and reliable protocol applicable to other types of complexes.

Quantitative kinetic modeling in photoresponsive supramolecular chemistry: the case of water-soluble azobenzene/cyclodextrin complexes
Royes J.; Courtine C.; Lorenzo C.; Lauth de Viguerie N.; Mingotaud A.F.; Pimienta V.
J. Org. Chem., 2020, 85, 6509-6518, DOI


Copper based hybrid polyion complexes for Fenton like reactions

Nanocatalysts obtained through the interactions between copper ions and block copolymers are particularly effective for photo-Fenton catalysis.

Copper based hybrid polyion complexes for Fenton like reactions
M. Mestivier M.; Li J.R.; Camy A.; Frangville C.; Mingotaud C.; Benoît-Marquié F.; Marty J.D.
Chem. Eur. J, 2020, 26, 1-8, DOI


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