Design and synthetic engineering of OMSs

Sustainable synthesis of elementary bricks and study of property / structure relationships that rule self-assembly phenomena.

This topic focuses on the design and the synthesis of organized molecular systems, based on functional organic molecules which are genuine building blocks that self-assemble on the mesoscopic scale.

All these systems constitute a library in which to pick up, to give tunable systems suitable for the chosen area of application. Having a strong emphasis on sustainable chemistry, the synthetic challenge will be to follow as many green chemistry principles as possible, e.g. molecular economy, the use of natural renewable resources, bio-based and bio-inspired molecules…

Examples of biosourced or bioinspired architectures, DNA, lipopeptide, and amphiphilic dendrimer derived from sugars

In order to control them, a better understanding of the driving forces of self-assembly is one of our main targets. The final aim is to establish structure / aggregation correlations, and therefore conceive tunable systems, which can be used in various applications.

Electron microscopy of vesicles obtained from sugar catanionic surfactants
In parallel to the standard physico-chemical studies that are usually run in aqueous medium, the self-assembly of our systems is also studied in non-conventional structured media. The objective is to understand and rationalize the formulation of these OMSs in these media.

Influence of the nature of the solvent on the self-assembly of ion-paired surfactants
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