Laboratoire des Interactions Moléculaires et Réactivité Chimique et Photochimique
UMR 5623

Design and synthetic engineering of OMSs

This thematic is centered on the design and synthesis of organized molecular systems, based on functional organic molecules which are real building blocks that self-assemble on the mesoscopic scale.

All these systems constitute a library in which to pick up to give tunable systems suitable for the chosen area of application. With a strong emphasis on sustainable chemistry, the synthetic challenge will be to follow the principles of molecular economy, as well as to use natural renewable resources, and bio-based and bio-inspired molecules.

A better understanding of the driving forces of self-assembly -in order to control them- is one of our main targets. The final aim is to establish structure/aggregation correlations, and therefore to conceive tunable systems, which can be used for various applications.
In parallel to the standard physico-chemical studies that are usually run in aqueous medium, the self-assembly of our systems is also studied in non-conventional structured media. The objective is to understand and to rationalize the formulation of these OMSs in these media.
>> Synthesis, autoorganization and reactivity of amphiphilic derivatives of 1-aminoisoindole in water and formamide
J. Surfactants Deterg., 2014, 17, 101-109
Levkov I.V. ; Cassel S. ; Voitenko Z.V. ; Saffon N. ; Lattes A. ; Rico-Lattes I.
>> Influence of structural parameters on the self-association properties of anti-HIV catanionic dendrimers
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Pérez-Anes A. ; Rodrigues F. ; Caminade A.M. ; Stefaniu C. ; Tiersch B. ; Turrin C.O. ; Blanzat M
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