Well dispersed nanoparticles for nanocomposites with unique properties

Nanocomposites have many applications in our daily lives, but their use requires manufacturing processes that are both efficient and safe for the environment and the operator.

Anne-Françoise Mingotaud from the IDeAS team participated in the study entitled "Secured nanosynthesis-deposition aerosol process for composite thin films incorporating highly dispersed nanoparticles" and published in the journal Advanced Science.

To avoid exposure to nanoparticles, the scientists propose an innovative method of manufacturing nanocomposites called "reactor-injector". This reactor-injector allows the in situ synthesis of nanoparticles from organometallic precursors. Coupled with a low pressure plasma, this safe-by-design method allows the production of nanocomposites with size-homogeneous and well-dispersed nanoparticles which, in the specific case of the ZnO@DLC composite material, have unique properties.
The authors of this study have extended the scope of their method by applying it to several metal oxides. This approach is safe for humans and the environment and also meets the requirements of green chemistry.

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