Séminaire par Véronique ROSILIO

Jeudi 3 Octobre 2019 - 14h - Salle Maroni / MHT

Véronique ROSILIO, professeur à l'Institut Galien Paris Sud, Physico-Chimie des Surfaces àl 'Université Paris-Sud, fera une présentation intitulée: "Interaction of bioactive molecules, particles and supramolecular assemblies with artificial membrane models: Methodologies and relevance of current approaches"

Lipid models such as monolayers, vesicles and planar bilayer systems have been developed to better understand the physicochemical and biophysical properties of biological membranes. In biology and physical chemistry, they have been extensively used to study protein-lipid and lipid-lipid interactions. In pharmaceutics, they allow to analyze the interaction of exogenous molecules, macromolecules or more recently nanoparticles with membranes, to elucidate mechanisms of intracellular penetration, identify and quantify specific effects at the level of the cell membrane Achieving these goals often requires specific methodologies, sophisticated techniques, and adaptation of our models.



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