Laboratoire des Interactions Moléculaires et Réactivité Chimique et Photochimique
UMR 5623

Isolation and identification of bioactive molecules

We isolate and identify bioactive molecules in order to understand their mode of action.
We study living organisms ranging from bacteria to plants through human or mycorrhizae ... With biological screening techniques associated with the observation of the targeted activity, we identify:
> chemical messengers of agronomic interest (factors and mycorrhization nodulation factors)
> and mediators involved in the recognition between cells such cancer cell lines (ovary, lymphocytes, ...) and macrophages.

The compounds that we characterize are usually complex sugars, lipids or peptides.
The aim is to highlight the one hand natural substances for economically viable applications in a sustainable development approach and also to understand the interactions leading to severe pathologies opening new therapeutic avenues.

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