Development of analytical methodologies

Capillary electrophoresis-electrospray ionization-mass spectrometry (CE/ESI-MS)

Over the last 40 years, CE has shown how easily it can separate a large variety of compounds. Our group has worked on applications for amino acid, small organic acid, sugar, aptamer and protein analysis. In particular, we have studied them by laser and LED induced fluorescence in both visible and UV wavelengths, which has allowed us to collaborate with several industries in the field.

Our current research in CE is based on the development of new volatile electrolytes for lipid solubilization, separation and detection in CE/ESI-MS. This technique is still underused in this field. This is related to the ease of use of GC/MS for the identification of methyl esters of fatty acids and the routine use of LC/MS for lipid analysis. The goal is to obtain ever faster and more resolving analyses of these compounds in CE/MS.

> Capillary electrophoresis/visible‐LED induced fluorescence of tryptophan: What's new?
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Electrophoresis, 2019, 40, 2342-2348, DOI

> A digest of capillary electrophoretic methods applied to lipid analyzes
Poinsot V.; Ta H.Y.; Ong Meang V.; Perquis L.; Gavard P.; Pipy B.; Couderc F.
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Metabolomic Analysis

An NMR-based metabolomic approach will allow to isolate a limited number of discriminating metabolites between populations. We are applying this approach in the context of various pathologies.
Targeted mass spectrometry analyzes can complement this workflow.

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR)

We have acquired in previous works, strong skills in the NMR analysis of complex mixtures, such as health products (medicines, dietary supplements) or illicit drugs, with in particular developments made by:
- qNMR;
- Low Field NMR.

These developments are now being extended to analyzes of nutraceuticals aimed at improving cognitive functions or exhibiting antioxidant effects.


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