Seminar by Samuel Pearson / IPREM

Wednesday 6th of September 2017 - 2pm - Maroni room / MHT

Samuel Pearson, researcher at the Institut des sciences analytiques et de physico-chimie pour l’environnement et les matériaux in Pau, will give a talk about: Light-responsive honeycomb films and biomaterials using azobenzenes

Despite being discovered more than a century ago, azobenzenes remain among the most fascinating and functional molecules for developing light-responsive materials. Inspired by natural systems, my postdoctoral research in Pau has focused on light-responsive honeycomb films for controlling surface wettability using azobenzene-based polymers. A new class of azobenzenes which can be reversibly switched using only visible light (rather than traditional UV light) has also been explored, and an enjoyable detour into photoresponsive biomaterials has shown the power of light for controlling biological functions.


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