Laboratoire des Interactions Moléculaires et Réactivité Chimique et Photochimique
UMR 5623

One of IMRCP researchers, Christophe Coudret, gives a talk about photochemical dynamics

Friday 20th of January - 11am - ITAV

He will talk about Photochemical dynamics - From molecule to particle

Light is considered as a promising tool in several multi disciplinary fields such as in (nano)medicine for drug delivery, or in material sciences to formulate smart photoswitchable devices. To interface light and the device one needs a light-responsive chemical. Organic photochromic dyes, gathering very diverse structures, are particularly attractive for such a purpose. However, during the photochemical experiments, their interaction with their surrounding environment can lead to disconcerting kinetics as the dye-derived species are involved in complex chemical networks. An approach based on chemical dynamics is particularly adapted to tackle such an issue. Several examples from coupled reactions via ions or to precipitation of nanoaggregates will be discussed.

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